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Project Noire

A partner to make your vision profitable. 

 Commitment to Results

Starting a business is simple. Building it is hard and as a business owner, you quickly discovered that you must wear many hats. In order to build something that is sustainable, efficient, and profitable, having a partner that is knowledgeable in different business areas makes a difference.  Project Noire is a partner with the tools, systems, and techniques to help your business increase profits. PN is not a consulting firm telling you what to do. PN is an agency partner right there with you doing the work.  Project Noire is a partner to make your vision profitable. 


Noire is the french feminine adjective for black. In accounting, the term "black" refers to a company's profitability. When a business is profitable it is "operating in the black."  That is what Project Noire is about. Helping provide business solutions to business owners that increase profits. 

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