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3 Characteristics of Money

Money, the characteristics of money, the spiritual laws surrounding money, and the ability to earn, manage and multiply money is something I found not being openly talked about. The topic of money is vast and I DO NOT claim to be an expert. So I am simply sharing what I have learned about some of the characteristics of money.

The amount of money in your life is a direct reflection ofyour level of contribution to the world. - Jim Rohn

That statement hit me hard & for a minute was hard for me to even believe. Money is not evil. Having a lot of money is not bad. Desiring to become rich and wealthy is not wrong. Wanting to wear designer clothes, drive luxury cars, eat at the best restaurants, put your kids in private school, order a bottle of wine, instead of a glass, are not bad things.

There are countless prosperity and wealth books that explain in greater detail the characteristics of money. These are the 3 that I found common in most.

  1. Money is Energy

Money is energy and it flows freely in this universe.

Read that again.

Money is energy and it flows freely in this universe.

Money has nothing to do with the type of work and everything to do with energy. Want to increase the amount of money in your life? Increase the level of energy you give. It's foolish to believe that you can have a poor work ethic, poor character, poor money management skills, and poor knowledge and be a rich person. But many people do and that is where the disconnect occurs.

An important economic rule to commit to memory is "you will be paid based on the value you bring to the marketplace."

2. Money is Neutral

Money has no emotions. Money is not good or bad.

"Money is neither my god nor my devil. It is a form of energy that tends to make us more of what we already are." - Dan Millman

Money does not care if it is being used for good or evil. Money takes the form of the beholder.

3. Money is Abundant

Money is abundant. In order to access abundance, you have to believe that there is no shortage.

In the book "Secret of Millionaire Mind" the author Ekher mentions the "Money Blueprint."

You do not have a money problem. You have a problem with accessing money. Which is a problem with generating money.

Want to learn more about the characteristics of money?

Check out this list of recommended readings for money.

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